62. Snowman of A Soldier's Wife

In the clear afternoon sky,
the sun shone a foot high of snow.
She piled the white paste with the blue shovel;
Her four years old son involved with a red toy bucket.
After the snow ball was big enough, they started to roll.
She memorized the sweet love days at high school,
with a boyfriend who later became her husband.  
The rolling ball became bigger and bigger
and stopped in front of the house entrance.

Then they built another ball.
“So funny mom!” articulated in a toddler’s accent.
She continued to roll, thinking of her pregnancy;
and of her husband’s last kiss before his deployment:
to pursue the terrorists in the faraway country,
to liberate slave women in the stone age community,
to assist people to fight for freedom and democracy.

She forced the second on top of the first.
The boy started to roll the third
that later she used as the head.
She untied her red and green scarf
and rounded the neck of the snowman.
“I love you forever…Honey!”
With small pieces of wood she put steady
the mouth, the nose and two eyes.
The boy enjoyed around the snowman, didn’t see
his mother speeded inside the house. She came out
with the camouflage cap and the flag on the pole.
She capped her tall snowman
and stood the flag on his right hand.
She admired her statue and took off her gloves
to clasp her son’s hand.
The tear traced her cheeks; faced the fatherless kid.
Learned from the daycare unit,
the boy saluted his snowy guy,   
the flag softly moved… under the blue sky!

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
16 Dec 2012 

51. Days of Remembrance

Days and nights fly away
In different shapes the moon displays
The sun rises in variations
The universe endlessly keeps action

Dream to my native land
Recall the vast abundant rice plains
Waterfalls, lakes and rivers
Mountains and green forests forever

The hard working days
Yearning efforts in my life's journey
Bear on the ancestors' will
To show the great merit with full skill   

Valuable time of stories
Spread seeds upon the soil of glory
For the new solid heirs
Pursue motherland's love with care

Should I return to native land
Those old stories could not withstand
Those great times went by
The yellowed pictures stick in my mind

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
3 September 2004

49. The Last Days of Winter

Snow still scattered in the mountains
The tops covered with white ice cream
The slopes traced by the rock stains
And the snowy trends in downstream

Someday the sky sprays chilly air
The snow on the roofs vaporizes
The green yard grass needles bear
The newly buds start to comprise

Someday the sun passes on false ray
Outdoor air is still really cold
Like a smiling of a lady in foul play   
In her heart love stories enfold

Someday snow returns to say goodbye
Spraying white powder then goes
Like a long time friendship dies
Days-nights transition as a fast flow?  

Time switches between dark and bright
Swinging mood by the end of winter
Does the change of nature incite    
The daily tasks fulfilling our endeavor?

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
3 Mars 2009

48. Forest Rain

Sky leaks… The rain inundates the forest
Water poses the green foliage a big mess
Sheltering under a large tree
My bones stand the difficulties

Alike the mother nature is teasing me
Should I set a fire to warm up my body?
Since most existences are twins
Dark and light, warmth and chill  

Water could pair with fire
To balance the human life
May I make a small fire to warm me up
With watery trees, branches and shrubs?

The area is in cold snap
My teeth start to clap  
Thinking about others pairs of our days
Somehow exception comes in the play

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
12 May 2012

47. Song of A Wild Dove

Coo Croo Coo…
Perching on the backyard apple tree
Singing a swingy pattern
Creating a doleful concern
A soft music for the beloveds oversea

Coo Croo Coo…
We grew up in the same settlement
Birdsong recalls old days  
O breeze brings my heart away
Through the clouds to previous events

Coo Croo Coo…
Awful situation separated our lives
Away from green forests
Rivers and mountain crests
The harmony of insects in the wild

Coo Croo Coo…
Soon the sky will miss the sunray
Passion inspires the dove
Fulfilling my heart with love
Of all the dearest dispersed faraway

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
4 June 2010  

43. The Foggy Blind

Foggy snow hats mountain peaks
Chilly wind frosts all snaky creeks
The shelter covered by creamy layer
Face to a pane, the wistful thinker

Clear icicles cling from the gutter
Like a tearing of the perceiver
The thousand drops flood within  
Reviving the mother's teaching   

Caring teen in the mother's arms
A poetical talent with full charms
Flew to kiss vernal flower stigmata
Could be in troubled end of dogma

The daily moves barred by obstacles
Troubles in life could it be solvable?
Foggy blind would it be long-term?
Painfully move on, but stand firm

The strong heart soaked in tears
Leads the body forward without fear
With hope snow fog will be ceased
Let the thinker traversing in peace

Hopefully the weather will be fine
Let the move pass tough nasty line
But fuzzy road lessens the vision
To find ways for a next destination

A nice fresh flower in a dream
Bloom of hope would be the theme
Bend body and mind to admire
Smiling face, crying soul to aspire

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
November 1994

42. Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes to see your reality
Don't worry if they think you are sleepy
Goodness or badness shows in your heart
Leave greed, anger and dissipation apart

Xaysouvanh Phengphong

36. Cracked Cup

The regular cup of hot water
With visible cracked line
The usefulness is still fine
Safeguard tiny value until it's over

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
3 October 2010

35. While You're Sad

While you're sad I would be close-by
Cover you with my warm body
Condole you with my soft poetry
Mourn the loved one with your cry

I would touch your head gently
Would use my heart to dab your tear
We all don't want to loss our dear
Birth and dead belong to everybody

Under the laws of nature we dare
Cool down the heat in your heart
Suffering time just at point of depart
Destiny guides life to everywhere

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
6 May 2012

32. Winter Sunray

The noon sunray squeezes my eyes
Viewing the snowy mountain heights
Below the huge blue screen
What a beautiful clear scene!

Birds sunbathe their wings in the sky
The first rain left few flowers drip-dry
The yellow and brown foliages
Shade the shrubs of wood sage

The sunray chills the entire scenery
A strange ton in the nature contrary
Strains my reddened face
Frosts me in the sun grace

Alike the cute smiling of a nice lady
Attracts men who fall in love badly
Their dreams soon vaporize  
Body language could be a lie!

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
14 April 2012  

31. The Shape (e)

Rose flowers for a few days then obsoletes;
Her aroma will be gone with the wind,
Only her shape and scent will remain
In the observer's memory.

 I searched the pleasant words for you.
But I couldn't find any!
Even if I could whisper you those words
That will be just the unintended cheat,
Because today you are the rose,
Next day your aroma will be blown away
Only haunting scent will remain in my mind.

Lonesomely encircles by friends,
Blossoms with others then vanishes.

The universe is not our heaven.
The air of Mother Earth let us breathe
But can't help us to be immortal.  
Should we wonder our evanescent shape?
Let's set our souls free!  

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
7 April 2012

30. Horizon and The Sea (e)

Looking at the distant horizon line
Where the blue sea kisses the sky
Searching the heading of my native land
Where sticky rice formed my past stand   

Seagulls circling the mild sunny sea
Where people surf, swim and ski
I want to borrow their large strong wings
To fly back to affect all the remembering

The ocean wind swings my heart
Swaying small boat that floated apart
Fought with strong wave to reach motherland
But the long exilic years obstruct and disband

Blocked by the distant cutting line
My heart seems to be confined
Living in the home of the free and the brave
But my soul visits its native land by sea wave

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
6 April 2012

29. Early Bird (e)

Early morning
The birds did not clap their wings
The sound of soft breeze caresses
The tree tops lazily stress

Blinking stars
In the cloudless dark sky afar
Fresh cool air cleanses my face
Stops the dream in deep space

Faint horizon
Removes the stars one by one
Crescent slides behind the mounts
Another day starts its count

Daily inquiries
Food? Cloths? Project? Money?
Essential elements to survive
Before poor life will be deprived

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
30 March 2012

26. Two-face Moon

Look up to the full moon,
Coating sky and landscape,
Guiding the dream of loon
To delight today humankind's shape. 

All sorrow moods dispersed:
People love each others,
Peaceful life they deserve,
Share all resources of Earth mother.

Nights without moonlight,
People's heart become blue.
Realities of the world insight:    
Wars and conflicts day by day accrue.

Benighted can see struggles,
Lack of nutrients and shelters.
Why Man pursues troubles?
Why full moon won't remain for ever?      

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
23 March 2012