29. Early Bird (e)

Early morning
The birds did not clap their wings
The sound of soft breeze caresses
The tree tops lazily stress

Blinking stars
In the cloudless dark sky afar
Fresh cool air cleanses my face
Stops the dream in deep space

Faint horizon
Removes the stars one by one
Crescent slides behind the mounts
Another day starts its count

Daily inquiries
Food? Cloths? Project? Money?
Essential elements to survive
Before poor life will be deprived

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
30 March 2012

26. Two-face Moon

Look up to the full moon,
Coating sky and landscape,
Guiding the dream of loon
To delight today humankind's shape. 

All sorrow moods dispersed:
People love each others,
Peaceful life they deserve,
Share all resources of Earth mother.

Nights without moonlight,
People's heart become blue.
Realities of the world insight:    
Wars and conflicts day by day accrue.

Benighted can see struggles,
Lack of nutrients and shelters.
Why Man pursues troubles?
Why full moon won't remain for ever?      

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
23 March 2012