32. Winter Sunray

The noon sunray squeezes my eyes
Viewing the snowy mountain heights
Below the huge blue screen
What a beautiful clear scene!

Birds sunbathe their wings in the sky
The first rain left few flowers drip-dry
The yellow and brown foliages
Shade the shrubs of wood sage

The sunray chills the entire scenery
A strange ton in the nature contrary
Strains my reddened face
Frosts me in the sun grace

Alike the cute smiling of a nice lady
Attracts men who fall in love badly
Their dreams soon vaporize  
Body language could be a lie!

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
14 April 2012  

31. The Shape (e)

Rose flowers for a few days then obsoletes;
Her aroma will be gone with the wind,
Only her shape and scent will remain
In the observer's memory.

 I searched the pleasant words for you.
But I couldn't find any!
Even if I could whisper you those words
That will be just the unintended cheat,
Because today you are the rose,
Next day your aroma will be blown away
Only haunting scent will remain in my mind.

Lonesomely encircles by friends,
Blossoms with others then vanishes.

The universe is not our heaven.
The air of Mother Earth let us breathe
But can't help us to be immortal.  
Should we wonder our evanescent shape?
Let's set our souls free!  

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
7 April 2012

30. Horizon and The Sea (e)

Looking at the distant horizon line
Where the blue sea kisses the sky
Searching the heading of my native land
Where sticky rice formed my past stand   

Seagulls circling the mild sunny sea
Where people surf, swim and ski
I want to borrow their large strong wings
To fly back to affect all the remembering

The ocean wind swings my heart
Swaying small boat that floated apart
Fought with strong wave to reach motherland
But the long exilic years obstruct and disband

Blocked by the distant cutting line
My heart seems to be confined
Living in the home of the free and the brave
But my soul visits its native land by sea wave

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
6 April 2012