49. The Last Days of Winter

Snow still scattered in the mountains
The tops covered with white ice cream
The slopes traced by the rock stains
And the snowy trends in downstream

Someday the sky sprays chilly air
The snow on the roofs vaporizes
The green yard grass needles bear
The newly buds start to comprise

Someday the sun passes on false ray
Outdoor air is still really cold
Like a smiling of a lady in foul play   
In her heart love stories enfold

Someday snow returns to say goodbye
Spraying white powder then goes
Like a long time friendship dies
Days-nights transition as a fast flow?  

Time switches between dark and bright
Swinging mood by the end of winter
Does the change of nature incite    
The daily tasks fulfilling our endeavor?

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
3 Mars 2009

48. Forest Rain

Sky leaks… The rain inundates the forest
Water poses the green foliage a big mess
Sheltering under a large tree
My bones stand the difficulties

Alike the mother nature is teasing me
Should I set a fire to warm up my body?
Since most existences are twins
Dark and light, warmth and chill  

Water could pair with fire
To balance the human life
May I make a small fire to warm me up
With watery trees, branches and shrubs?

The area is in cold snap
My teeth start to clap  
Thinking about others pairs of our days
Somehow exception comes in the play

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
12 May 2012

47. Song of A Wild Dove

Coo Croo Coo…
Perching on the backyard apple tree
Singing a swingy pattern
Creating a doleful concern
A soft music for the beloveds oversea

Coo Croo Coo…
We grew up in the same settlement
Birdsong recalls old days  
O breeze brings my heart away
Through the clouds to previous events

Coo Croo Coo…
Awful situation separated our lives
Away from green forests
Rivers and mountain crests
The harmony of insects in the wild

Coo Croo Coo…
Soon the sky will miss the sunray
Passion inspires the dove
Fulfilling my heart with love
Of all the dearest dispersed faraway

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
4 June 2010  

43. The Foggy Blind

Foggy snow hats mountain peaks
Chilly wind frosts all snaky creeks
The shelter covered by creamy layer
Face to a pane, the wistful thinker

Clear icicles cling from the gutter
Like a tearing of the perceiver
The thousand drops flood within  
Reviving the mother's teaching   

Caring teen in the mother's arms
A poetical talent with full charms
Flew to kiss vernal flower stigmata
Could be in troubled end of dogma

The daily moves barred by obstacles
Troubles in life could it be solvable?
Foggy blind would it be long-term?
Painfully move on, but stand firm

The strong heart soaked in tears
Leads the body forward without fear
With hope snow fog will be ceased
Let the thinker traversing in peace

Hopefully the weather will be fine
Let the move pass tough nasty line
But fuzzy road lessens the vision
To find ways for a next destination

A nice fresh flower in a dream
Bloom of hope would be the theme
Bend body and mind to admire
Smiling face, crying soul to aspire

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
November 1994

42. Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes to see your reality
Don't worry if they think you are sleepy
Goodness or badness shows in your heart
Leave greed, anger and dissipation apart

Xaysouvanh Phengphong