49. The Last Days of Winter

Snow still scattered in the mountains
The tops covered with white ice cream
The slopes traced by the rock stains
And the snowy trends in downstream

Someday the sky sprays chilly air
The snow on the roofs vaporizes
The green yard grass needles bear
The newly buds start to comprise

Someday the sun passes on false ray
Outdoor air is still really cold
Like a smiling of a lady in foul play   
In her heart love stories enfold

Someday snow returns to say goodbye
Spraying white powder then goes
Like a long time friendship dies
Days-nights transition as a fast flow?  

Time switches between dark and bright
Swinging mood by the end of winter
Does the change of nature incite    
The daily tasks fulfilling our endeavor?

Xaysouvanh Phengphong
3 Mars 2009